How We Select Brands To Sell On Choobs

Choobs is a marketplace that sells socially conscious brands. Here is how we decide which brands can sell on Choobs.

The Products

The first thing we look at is a brand’s products. If the products are clothing or accessories, we will continue our discovery process. If the products are not clothing or accessories, we will pass.

We also perform an eye test on the quality of the products. If it looks like a brand has not invested in the design, functionality, or comfort of the products, we will pass.

The Mission

Next, we look at a brand’s mission, or its reason for existence. What do the people who started and operate this brand believe?

We select brands that are on a mission to make a positive impact on people, animals, and the environment. Every brand in the world cares about customers and shareholders, but we seek brands that also care about people making their products, conserving earth’s species, and preserving its resources. In the world we envision, companies don’t take from the world for their own gain.

Brands we qualify for Choobs fall into these categories:

  1. Buy One, Give One: when a customer buys a product, the brand donates a product to someone in need.
  2. Donation To A Cause: the brand donates money, usually a percentage of sales or profits, to a specific cause that they support. Sometimes they also donate their time to volunteer for this cause.
  3. Environmentally Conscious: the brand uses materials that are recycled, upcycled, easily decomposable, and/or sustainable.
  4. Employs Disadvantaged People: the brand employs disadvantaged people, providing a sustainable income and path to prosperity.
For-Profits Only

Once we know the brand’s mission, we then ensure that the brand is a for-profit entity. We only allow for-profits because we believe in conscious capitalism and want to help prove that it works. Businesses can do good and still make a sustainable profit.

It is important to remember that no human is perfect, and since humans run brands, no brand is perfect. The brands we sell are intentional and conscious of the impact their business has on the world. They do their best given their knowledge and resources, and we do our best to validate their missions given our knowledge and resources.