Living Intentionally

How To Start Doing That Thing You Really Want To Do

You want to write. You want to read. You want to do a triathlon. You want to make new friends. You want to change careers. You want to exercise. You want to start a company.

You’re thinking about it. Reading articles on it. Learning how it’ll work. Waiting for the perfect time to do it.

You’re thinking about it. It’s time you stop thinking.

Write the first page. Read the first chapter. Sign up for the triathlon. Sign up for the social club. Apply for the job. Go for a jog. Draw out the prototype.

Do it today. Don’t think about step 2. Just do step 1.

People assume that if they have a better strategy, they’ll see better results. This is why they buy a course about learning a language in 3 months or starting a business. Learning is a crutch that supports inaction. It feels like progress, but it’s not.

If your goal is to make progress, then you must stop strategizing, stop learning, stop thinking. Start doing.

It is not the things we learn nor the dreams we envision that determine our results, but rather the habits that we practice each day.

Start doing it today.